Friday, December 9, 2011

How to Make Money as an Affiliate

Making money as an affiliate of an online retailer might sound like something that is very simple to do. All you have to do is have someone make a purchase from that online retailer using your affiliate link. The problem many people find with affiliate programs on the Internet, however, is that there are too many affiliates signed up, or people typically go to the main website of the retailer. There are ways to be a successful online affiliate and make money as an affiliate. It just takes a lot of work

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1. In this article I'm going to show you how to make money online with affiliate programs without spending any money on marketing or a website. If you've ever tried marketing an affiliate program before,you know that it usually takes alot of traffic in order for them to work. I will be teaching you how to use the powerful SEO capabilities of blogs combined with the awesome domino effects of social bookmarking sites to generate the necessary traffic to your blog pages in order to get affiliate sales and hence make money online without spending any money.

2. The first thing you'll want to do is setup a blog which you can do for free at,, There's actually tons of free blog hosting websites. If I had to recommend one it would be wordpress,but that's because its the one I personally use for my blog. You can also do a Google search on "Free Blog" and you'll definitely find what you need. After that you'll just follow the instructions from the blog host you choose, in order to get it setup. I know Wordpress offers alot of free templates that you can immediately use,and have your blog up in just minutes.

3. The next thing you'll want to do is find some good paying affiliate programs. You can find a ton of them at for any industry that you like or you can do a good ole Google search for them as well.For those of you who don't know what affiliate programs are. Affiliate programs are put together by companies in order to help promote whatever it is they're selling and when you sign up for them they give you what is called an affiliate link that's coded with your information so when somebody clicks on it and purchases a product or service from that site,you the affiliate get a certain percentage of that sale.

4. Once you find an affiliate program you like, the trick is to write a good informative,keyword rich article on the product or service you're trying to promote with your affiliate links placed within it. You can place it in the middle of your article copy, in certain spots or at the end. Whichever you feel comfortable with.Just make sure its in there somewhere. The reason you want to do it this way is so that Google will rank it high for the keywords you're wanting it to come up in. In other words you want your blog entry that you just wrote to end up on the front page or as close to it as possible for what ever it is you're writing about to get the most traffic. For example let's say you've signed up with an affiliate program that rents movies out online. A good idea would be to write about the benefits of renting movies online and then at the end point out how the particular company that you're promoting would be the best one to go with and then provide your affiliate links at the end.

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Earning money online is a hot topic these days. It makes sense, we depend on technology more and more for information and spend an increasing amount of time online.

There are many opportunities to earn money online- some costing hundreds of dollars, taking advantage of those working from home and work at home moms (WAHMs).

There are ways to work at home without spending a dime. Read on.

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People are always looking for ways to make money online to earn some extra cash. The only problem these days is the amount of scams circulating the internet that leave many unsure of which opportunities are legit and which are not. A great way to start making money on the internet is to try some of the free opportunities out there. I listed some ideas below in this article.
For a great way to earn money online, click on the link in my Resources below this article and get started today.

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At no other time in history have there been so many options for the low-budget entrepreneur to build his own start-up business at very low or even no cost involved. The facilitator to this new business climate is the Internet. While scams and shady characters still inhabit this venue, there are several legitimate ways to make money online. Keep in mind that, generally speaking, the less money invested in the start-up, the more effort will be required to make it successful.

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is now a fully developed industry with millions of dollars being paid to affiliates each month. For those not completely sure how it works, an affiliate is simply a person who signs up to promote a product or service for someone else. You are paid a percentage of the sale, sometimes as much as 75 percent. You will be given a unique hyperlink to place on your sales page that lets the publisher know where the visitor came from. Once you're signed up as an affiliate, you need a website (nothing more than a single page sales letter) and manner to drive traffic (article marketing is an effective, free way to do this). For your Web real estate, there are several companies that provide free space and hosting for your purposes.

Blogging for money is even less complicated than affiliate marketing, which isn't that complex itself. The advantage to blogging is you get to write about stuff you're actually interested in. There are several perfectly legitimate companies that provide both the online blogging interface and hosting at no charge. Setting up your initial website should be a breeze, even if you're not technically adept. You should be up and running in a matter of minutes and certainly no more than an hour. For starters, you can install a Google AdSense bar on your blog for free. Any time a visitor clicks an advertisement, you get paid anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars, depending on the type of ad. Over time, as you post more entries on your topic, your blog will begin to show in search engine rankings, which drives traffic to your site. Article marketing also works well for creating a traffic flow.

Info Products
ClickBank is the granddaddy of informational products distribution. Visit its website to get an idea of the vast breadth of topics that info products can be created about. A ten page "special report" could be sold for perhaps $7, while longer works regularly sell for anywhere from $19 to $99. The key to keep in mind is that you're not trying to emulate Hemingway. People buy info products because they want a solution to a problem in their life. Deliver that solution and you'll sell a bunch. While it costs $50 to set up an account and sell a product on ClickBank, there are other free options that will host your download, and provide credit card and order processing services for a fee per order.

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